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CMS Hub is Now Content Hub: What This Means for HubSpot Users

HubSpot Content Hub (2)

Are you a HubSpot user who's watched CMS Hub transform into something bigger, with more bells and whistles than ever before? The name change says it all – HubSpot's all about content now. But what does that really mean for you, and how can it boost your results?

Don't worry, this isn't just a fancy rebranding. HubSpot's Content Hub is packed with new features designed to level-up your content marketing game. Get ready to streamline your workflows and create content that converts. We'll cover:

  • What's new and different in Content Hub
  • How to make the most of the changes
  • How it can impact your ROI

Let's get started.

What's New and Different in Content Hub

Get ready to think about content differently – HubSpot certainly has! The transition from CMS Hub to Content Hub reflects a fundamental shift in how they view your marketing assets. Here's what sets the stage for change:

  • A Central Hub for All Things Content: HubSpot has recognized the increasingly fragmented nature of content. It's not just about your website anymore. The Content Hub unifies the creation, management, and optimization of blogs, landing pages, website pages, emails, social media assets, and more – eliminating the need for scattered, disconnected tools.
  • AI as Your Content Co-Pilot: AI is no longer an abstract marketing buzzword. HubSpot has infused the Content Hub with practical AI tools to streamline the content process. This means AI can:
    • Suggest Topics & Titles: Brainstorming can be a bottleneck. HubSpot's AI aids in topic generation and crafting titles based on search trends and analysis.
    • Outline and Write Blog Posts: Don't struggle with a blank page. The AI tools can outline your blog or even generate complete drafts based on your instructions.
    • Generate Images: Need a captivating image but don't have design resources? Describe your ideal image to the AI, and it creates options for you.
  • Content as a Dynamic Toolkit: The Content Hub understands that today's content has to be adaptable and reusable. Tools like the Content Remix feature make it easy to repurpose content into different formats. A blog post can become a tweet thread, a landing page a compelling infographic – it's about unlocking the value of your content across channels.

Let's take a closer look at a few core features:

  • Website Assistant: HubSpot's SEO expertise is built in. Get tailored advice and assistance to make your website rank higher in search results.
  • AI Translations: Expand your reach with AI-powered translation capabilities. Your content can now speak multiple languages with ease.
  • Brand Voice: AI can learn the nuances of your brand voice, making generated or suggested content sound like you wrote it.
  • Member Blogs: If building a community is your goal, Content Hub facilitates this with gated content areas and member blog functionality.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Content Hub's potential is huge, which might feel a bit overwhelming at first. That's why we are going to talk about how to get started and put these new tools to work for you.

How to Make the Most of the Changes

Change can be unsettling – even when it's exciting. So, how do you seamlessly integrate all this newness into your workflow? Here's a starting point:

  • Start with Strategy, Not Tools: Don't let the shiny new AI tools distract you from your overall content strategy. It's essential to first assess your content goals, your audience's needs, and only then decide which tools support that vision.
  • AI as a Helper: Initially, it's wise to treat AI suggestions as just that – suggestions. Use the content drafts and outlines as starting points, then add your human touch and expertise to elevate the final product.
  • Focus on Remixing: Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is creating the initial content asset. Take advantage of the Content Remix feature. Start with something robust like a webinar or case study and see how it can be repurposed across formats to reach different audiences.
  • Leverage the SEO Assistant: Ranking well in search is vital. Actively collaborate with the built-in SEO tools to identify gaps in your existing content and optimize it for the keywords your audience uses.

Pro Tip: HubSpot likely has excellent training videos and documentation on each new feature. Seek those out for in-depth walkthroughs

How HubSpot Content Hub Can Impact Your ROI

Buzzwords and shiny features are fine, but what really matters is how this translates into tangible results. Here are a few scenarios illustrating how Content Hub could boost your ROI:

  • The Time-Strapped Team: If you're a small team with ambitious goals, AI-powered topic and draft generation can save hours of brainstorming and research. This frees up your time to focus on refining content quality and executing your strategy.
  • The Data-Driven Marketer: HubSpot's Content Hub integrates closely with its analytics and reporting. You can track the performance of different content assets across channels, spotting patterns, and doubling down on what works. This leads to better-informed content decisions, and, ultimately, better returns.
  • The Expanding Enterprise: Content Hub's scalability is a huge win for larger businesses. With centralized creation, member-only areas, and translation tools, you can streamline the process of managing multilingual, multi-audience content without sacrificing quality or consistency.

While HubSpot's tools are powerful, they don't guarantee a sudden spike in leads or sales. Content still needs to be valuable, relevant, and well-promoted. The Content Hub removes hurdles and provides new tools, but remember – your creativity and strategy are still the keys to success.

Wrapping Up: Time to Upgrade Your Content Game

Navigating updates to a software you use regularly can be daunting. But HubSpot's Content Hub revamp has done way more than just change the name – it offers real opportunities to level-up your content marketing.

  • Here are the essentials to remember:
    • HubSpot is all about streamlining your content workflow.
    • AI is your new sidekick, not your replacement.
    • Content Hub makes it easier to work smarter AND harder.

HubSpot's focus on content is not slowing down, and the Content Hub is only going to become even more powerful with time. Embracing these changes could be the secret to staying ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Contact us to learn how we can help you leverage the power of HubSpot.